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Teresa Granillo

Alexis has been my mentor and confidant for the past 10+ years. She helped me see my purpose, she held me accountable to my truth, she empowered me to do what was best for me. Alexis is that mentor that you can always count on to be there, during the good times and the ugly times.


Erica Benedicto

Alexis has held my hand through so many of my life challenges, from relationships to my professional career and she is always there as at trail guide and mama when I get off track. I know she mentors so many amazing women and I feel lucky and blessed that I can call on her and be part of her community. Just standing in her presence makes you feel like you can do anything. She hears you, sees you, empowers you and brings out all YOUR goodness. To me, she's like the Mexican Oprah always encouraging and nurturing you to live your best life. And she has the best laugh and the greatest smile.


Ingrid Vanderveldt

Alexis is a champion of people - and her efforts within the Hispanic community and with women in general is notable. I reference Alexis in every keynote I make around the globe as she was the one to lift me up when I had to rebuild my life and my career. I tell them to "find that mentor, your tribe...and everyone needs a Lex."

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