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Hey There

Alexis Adauto Ferguson here. Mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Texas girl from El Paso, living in Austin. My career in advertising made me a master observer. My adventures as an entreprenuer taught me the value of mindset, belief and trust. I'm a problem solver by nature and step up to make things happen when I see a solution. I love to share insights, help others see the greatness within and connect the dots. I believe in asking questions, getting answers and honesty - especially with ourselves - is always the best policy. 
This is just a little about who I am. I hope you'll get to know me better. I can't wait to meet you.


Money. Mindset. Swarm learning.


As a Latina, the myths we've accepted as truths on the subject may just be the reason Latinas are at the BOTTOM of the pay gap. October 21,2021 is when WE catch up with what our white male counterparts earned in 2020. Those stumbling blocks about money are real and WE need to do something about it. 

It's all about MINDSET. 
I'm not a money expert, but I am a master connector and communicator and from all the signs I've seen it's time we start talking about money and wealth and abundance. It is time to change our own money stories and the money stories engrained in our culture. If we don't change that, nothing will ever change.

SWARM learning.
I was working with a high tech client and they were talking about Swarm Intelligence.

By definition - swarm intelligence is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems. This was referring to computers and servers, but think of birds, fish and do they know what to do if there's nobody in charge? They SHARE information, that's how!

As I was listening it gave me an idea.

What if we (Latinas) took the swarm approach to talk about wealth and cash flow and savings and retirement and abundance and all things money. You know, talking with women who share our culture, understand our experiences and make it safe to open the kimono so to speak. And wouldn't it be awesome if that community could help us not only change OUR own money story, but the money stories of all Latinas in the US. And even better, this kind of  sharing somehow leads to closing that pay gap.


It's time to do what we do best....huddle and get things done.



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