Adauto Ferguson.

I've been told by so many amazing women that I'm a chingona.
I love that compliment. It has emboldened me in a way I didn't expect and so I'll own that bad ass Latina reference because I'm definitely a Latina on a mission. One that empowers other Latina women to step into their greatness and understand their worth, their value and their beliefs about money. Like really understand it, own it, and ask for more.

I didn’t know when my journey started that I’d be a coach and mentor to Latinas. I had even less insight that I would want to hyper focus and help reshape their money mindset. I mean, I had my own money story I was grappling with…who am I to help? Then it hit me. My deep-rooted money story can easily be looked at as “our” deep rooted money story.  The Latina pay gap is real but to fix it, we must do it from the inside out.

So that gets me here. With you.
It may surprise you that you have a relationship with money.  A deep-rooted system that guides your choices about what you do with money, debt, spending, saving and investing. I can help you engage and change the money story that holds you back, keeps you confused, embarrassed and appears permanent. This way the tactical advice about your finances from the experts will really, finally work.

Ready to level up?
If so, I invite you to join me in the conversation and start to make changes that only you can make.
Engage with me to go fast! Tap into my videos or follow my vlog so we can start making major changes to your mindset!

The change starts now…with you.

With love - from me.

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