Adauto Ferguson.

I've been told by so many amazing women that I'm a bad ass Latina. I love that compliment. It's emboldened me in a way I didn't expect and so I'll own that chingona reference. One thing is for sure. I'm definitely a Latina on a mission. One that empowers other Latina women who get put into a box we may not truly belong in. I mean - I'm stuck in the middle of two cultures where the expectations are you have to be more of each to prove you belong. You, too? Don't you hate that? We are so much more than JUST those boxes. We are complicated and amazing and I want you to know I see you and I've been there. 
The thing is that we need to step into a place we didn't necessarily want to go. Being identified as "anything" feels restrictive and sometimes just wrong. Like a square peg, round hole kind of wrong. However, it's in this spot where we can make a difference. We change things not by complaining or asking for someone else to fix it, but by stepping into that space. By understanding it and taking responsibility to own it, so that we can change it and make it what we want it to be.
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